Life is full of surprises.
There's no such thing as perfect.
We've got this.
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melo is a tool
we built to reimagine
running a family
Rather than putting one person in charge,
melo is built around teamwork.
The problem
Families are great.
But they're also insane, irrational and grossly mismanaged.
Usually it's one person carrying all the family's admin tasks in their head.
Pick up
Feed the
at 5
for Lily
for lasagna
Welcome to the mental load.
With all of this going on we can't think rationally. Instead, we fall back on biases, social norms and traditional gender roles.
A quick fix for continuing to talk about it won't work here.
We need to reimagine the entire process.
The solution
We start with the core idea of a team and build out from there. By making sure everyone’s on the same page, it makes it easy for both partners to win.
melo is an app that is design to:
Get things out of your
head and lighten the
mental load
Spread the load
more evenly
Help the partnership
reclaim their productivity
(and their headspace)
Remove the concept of the
primary carer - after all as
parents we are a team
get started
balancing act
The difference
melo is not about making families perfect. And no one needs another calendar app.
What is different about melo:
Visibility on each other's
"tasks" so everyone is
on the same page
dashboard to keep
discussions rational rather
than emotional
Build a village of people
who help: nannies, friends,
grandparents, etc
Ability to offload a task
with all the info when
you are stuck
Preloaded task lists
for scenarios that
all families use
Engaging service providers
to help families get things
done in a hurry
Get in Touch
To find out more about melo, or have a chat about how we can possibly work together, get in touch