So, what exactly is melo?

and why you should care

Family admin can be a real slog. Research shows that in most modern families there still exists one parent who feels like they have taken on a meteor-sized chunk of it, and another that has limited visibility to it.

melo is a tool designed to help families reduce the mental load by creating a team that is on the same page, working together on what is important to them. Instead of it being a one-parent life sentence, it becomes a two-parent tango.

We know that just getting more organised is not the solution. You know, you’ve tried everything! Going down this path is like that age old definition of insanity - repeating the same action expecting a different result.

But true teamwork is the solution. This is why melo not only helps you build some structure to the chaos (through Tasks, Projects, Notes and Lists), but also creates visibility to everyone on the team. Through the Huddle the team gets even closer and stronger. And the Tips section provides ideas on things to Talk about, Think About and Do to take your teamwork to the ultimate level.

Everything changes when families use melo

You’ll have more time. melo helps you manage and share every little task on your infinite to-do list, so that you have the time and headspace for the things that matter.

You’ll work as a team. It’s not about one person project managing the family. It puts everyone on the same page so you can work together

You’ll let go of perfect and work towards better. Because no one needs the pressure of ‘perfect’ in their lives, when let’s be honest such a thing does not exist, no matter what The Joneses on insta tell you.

You’ll find your rhythm. A 50/50 split of family responsibilities isn’t always the answer. But neither is running on autopilot eleventy-four-seven. It’s about working out what’s the best way to do things for you.

You’ll create new habits. melo will check whether your habits are serving you and prompt alternatives if they’re not. Information is delivered in bite size chunks, so that you can turn the chaos into calm without the overwhelm.

You’ll stop comparing yourself. What works for one family doesn’t work for another. And there is no right way to do things. But melo will help you decide what’s right for your family.

Why not stick with to-do lists and calendars?

Here’s the thing: To-Do Lists don’t work. Only one person owns them, or no one does. Neither of which helps to reduce the mental load.

And shared calendars are the digital equivalent of telling your partner: "Hey, Fin has a birthday party on Saturday." Great! Now your partner knows your kid’s going to a birthday party. But who’s going to RSVP, buy the present, wrap the present, organise the carpool, bribe your child to write the damn card and best of all, deal with the sugar comedown afterwards? Exactly.

melo is based not on events but on tasks, so you not only think through sharing the party but all else that needs to be done in the lead up to it, during it, as well as the mop up after. It saves you a lifetime of nit-picking and point scoring.

But aren’t there a bunch of other apps that do the same thing?

Most productivity apps focus on one parent as the family project manager. One person who loads everything up and keeps things on their to do list, and at best sometimes "shares" or delegates things to others. Whether you’re the one carrying the load or are on the receiving end of the load carrier’s eye rolls, you’ll know that one-parent operations are inefficient at best and resentment-breeding at worst.

melo considers the whole family and helps you share the mental load in a way that works for your situation. It is built with the idea of a team from the get go - creating visibility across by an assumed default. melo’s It’s not a one-size fits all calendar entry, it’s a new attitude to family admin.

Who is melo for?

Anyone who is done with the juggle and the struggle and would kill for a full-time Life Assistant but can’t justify the cost. And who is done being in a family with a primary carer, and is ready for the team work that our lives need.

Who isn’t it for?

If your relationship is going through a really rough time right now, melo may not be for you.

If the thought of letting go of any part of your meticulously listed, categorised and alphabetised family’s life is enough to make you break out in hives, melo is not for you.

Full disclosure: Yes, your life will improve dramatically. Like, holidays-in-San-Sebastian better. Thanks, melo. But not before it gets worse. Change is hard. We often fall into parental roles unconsciously, so it won’t be a quick fix. It will take time and persistence and a whole lot of resistance before you and your partner find your groove. But you will. And you’ll be tango-ing your way around Spain as soon as international travel is allowed.